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Oat & Fruits
Oat & Fruits
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Oat & Fruits



  • High fibre content (varies per flavour)
  • Real fruit pieces

Due to its oat content, the bar contains slow digesting carbohydrates. The fruit pieces also add a single sugar, fructose, to the ingredients.

Directions: Consume before workout or to replace minor ‘in-between’ meals.


Blueberry: oats (42%), nonhydrogenated vegetable margarine, invert sugar syrup, raw cane sugar, blueberry fruit pieces (4,5%), soy flour, vegetable glycerine, freeze dried blueberry pieces (0,5%), aroma.

Fruits-nuts with chocolate topping & chocolate chips: oats (30%), vegetable margarine, inverted sugar syrup, chocolate flavoured topping (18%), raw cane sugar, chocolate chips (6%), hazelnuts (3%), currants (3%), almonds (2%), vegetable glycerine, soy flour.

Pear-raspberry with yoghurt topping: oats (29%), Yoghurt topping (26%), [sugar, hydrogenated vegatable fat, skimmed yoghurt powder, whey solids, lactose, citric acid, emulzifier (soy lecithin), aroma], non-hydrogenated vegetable margarine, inverted sugar syrup, raw cane sugar, pear (3%), vegetable glycerine, soy flour, dried raspberries (0,4%), pear aroma, raspberry aroma.

Cod produs: BTNOAFR

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